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“When you first see the shape it’s a little surprising, but once you take it in hand, the shape is made in such a way that the handle fits perfectly to your hand. You have a better grip than with a regular brush. Other things that I liked is the soft bristles that bend nicely to paint the corners. An other good point, essential for me, it’s that the brushes are well crafted and not a single bristle came out. If you had ever paint something with a brush that lost hair…you know what I mean and the nightmare it can be! I didn’t paint the all wall with the brushes, I also used a painting roller, but I did try them on a few square meters and they are really comfortable to use. When working (painting, drilling or using any other tool) I always have blisters that appear on the side of my thumb. This time, since the position of my hand was ergonomic, I had no injuries. Which is pretty cool! Conclusion, these brushes are a very good tool and I will definitely continue to use them for my upcoming painting projects!”

– Amaryllis,

“I took this brush on a little test-run to a friend’s house that happened to be painting her bathroom. Initially, you know this is a quality brush. However, I will admit that it takes a moment to adjust to the grip-free design, as your instinct is to grab the brush in the standard way. Once you let the brush rest on your hand, you can immediately feel that your muscles are relaxed and yet you still have complete control of the brush. If you suffer from any hand cramping, muscle fatigue, or elbow pain from gripping, this paintbrush is definitely a great alternative to a standard brush.”

– Julee, DIY Louisville

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